Marina Koldobskaya is contemporary Russian artist, based in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Born in 1961 in Leningrad, USSRIn 1985, graduated from High School of Art and Design, n.a. V. Mukhina in Leningrad (now Academy of design n.a. A.Stiglitz), specializing in design.In mid-80es, in Perestroika time, started to participate in exhibitions as a freelance artist.

In mid-90es, was the head of women’s art group Beloved Ones (using folk arts and crafts in contemporary art).

In period since mid-90es to mid-2000es also worked as journalist and art critic.

Curator of numerous art projects, as: exhibitions Looking For The Lost IconI Love Money,Petersburg Neo-ExpressionismBitch of The Century competition, Female Face Of Petersburg ArtHand MadeGold For People, Black & White Petersburg, Art Media Forumfestival, video programs Something About Power, Time &Place, since 2004 – educational program Contemporary Art in The State Hermitage Museum, since 2007 – annual festival on media art CYBERFEST www.cyberfest.ru and others.

In 1999-2001 was a Director of Museum of Non-conformist Art in St.-Petersburg.

In 2003-2011 was a Director of St. Petersburg Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Art
In mid-2000s established media laboratory CYLAND in co-operation with Anna Frants (St. Petersburg Arts Project) www.cyland.org

In 1987-1999 was a member of TEII (The Fellowship of Independent Experimental Art), now member of Free Culture Fellowship.

In 2010-11 was a member of Council of Culture Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg.

Since 2007 a member of European Culture Parliament.

On the web-site her works in painting, graphics, murals and design are presented. Her artist’s projects – New Heraldry of Russia, Know Your Place, Happy Savage, Porcelain for Propaganda, Roses For Me, Red & Black,  Personal Baggage, Hunting & Gathering and others – show the interest in contemporary mythology and ideology, folklore art, pop-culture and mass-media.

Art works by Marina Koldobskaya are in The State Hermitage Museum, The State Russian Museum, Museum of Political History of Russia, Museum of Art of St. Petersburg, New Museum (St. Petersburg), The State Art Gallery of Tatarstan (Kazan), Museum of Non-conformist Art, Collection of St. Petersburg Central Exhibition Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art of  St. Petersburg University, Center for Comtemporary Arts n.a. S.Kuryokhin, Kuoysei No Sato Museum (Fukuoka), Angerlehner Museum (Thalheim bei Wels), CSAR (Venice), many galleries, corporative and private collections over the world.