(co-curator Alexander Dashevsky)

St. Petersburg, Modernariat Gallery, Moscow, Expo-88, PERMM, Perm



Program Contemporary Art at the Hermitage Museum
Series of exhibitions, master-classes, workshops
Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Sophia Kudriavceva


Alexander Dashevsky, Rear-View Mirror, painting, installation

Zlata Ponirovskaya, Clinic
cyber-objects, installation
Oleg Artyushkov, Childhood of Gods
Marina Alexeeva, Black Squirrel
painting, installation
Lyudmila Belova, Hall Number…
video installation
Anna Frants, Made in Ancient Greece
video installation
Kaarina Kaikkonen, Inner Borders
installation, objects
Peter Belyi, Leningrad Project
Vitaly Pushnitsky, Iron Age
painting, installation 
Natalia Kraevskaya, Pussy or Impossible Beauty

from left to right: Sophia Kudriavceva, Anna Frants, Abraham Lubelski, Jolanta Gora-Wita
Unauthorized access. Hackers & Crackers.

International project of Net and digital art

Curators:  Anna Frants, Jolanta Gor-Vita, Sophia Kudriavceva, Marina Koldobskaya, Anna Kolossova

ABC (Art Business Consulting) Group.  Annual Report.Installation
Leonid Tishkov, Solveig
audio- video installation
Dmitry Tsvetkov, Ear-Flaps of Russian Empire

Factory of Found Clothes, 107 Fears for Louise Bourgeoisperformance


Gold for the People
Major exhibition dedicated to the uncovering of the Russian people’s “timeless values”.

Minor Hall Manege


Group exhibit of St. Petersburg artists who consider the Soviet Cultural Heritage to be secondary raw material for recycling by Contemporary Art.

State Hermitage Museum, Youth Educational Centre

Cyberhelmet Gluck,
Cyland medialab

Since 2007


First and only in Russian Annual Festival of Cyber Art. Held in St. Petersburg.

Curators: Anna Frants, Marina Koldobskaya


Time & Place
Slide-show dedicated to Soviet and Post-Soviet household design and way of life. Over 400 photos by 18 well-known Russian artists and photographers.


Anna Yermolaeva,
3 Minutes Trying to Survive.

Something About Power

Program of Russian video art focused on the theme of “power” broadly defined – from politics to intimate relations between people.

Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva

Kaarina Kaikkonen

2-year-long program Field Studies

Artworks by Finnish, Scandinavian, Russian artists in the urban milieu of St. Petersburg.  Social studies in the form of art actions, happenings, performances, video and audio installations.

Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva, Anna Kharkina

Vitaly Pushnitsky
painting, installation

Human Project

Exhibition comprised works by 20 artists from various regions of Russia.  It was dedicated to existential problems of living here and now.

Special project of 1st Moscow Biennial of contemporary art.
Moscow, Central House of Artists
Curators:  Lyubov Saprykina, Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva, Anna Matveeva, Arseny Sergeev


Factory of Found Clothes,
A Streetcar Named Desire

Major performance in the urban milieu dedicated to the history of the city and the conflict of generations that inhabit it.

Museum of City Streetcars
Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva

Eugeny Kuznetsov
I love you!
interactive sculpture
Thinking of Motherland

Exhibition comprised artworks by over 20 authors.  It was an artistic forecast of the historic way of development of Russia

Museum of Anna Akhmatova
Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva

Nadezhda Zubareva,
Angel, detail

Garden of Eden

Project in the garden environment included over 20 installations; it was effected as an alternative to the official celebration of the tercentennial of St. Petersburg

Garden of Fontanny Dom, S.-Petersburg,
Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva




Filipp Dontsov
Space of Reality – Space of Picture

Russian-German exhibition project dedicated to the philosophy of space in contemporary art.

Museum of Anna Akhmatova
Curators:  Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva

Maria Dunker
Electric Visions

Program of Russian, Finnish and Scandinavial video art from 1999 to 2003.

Curators:  Kirsi Vaakiparta Marina Koldobskaya, Maria Korosteleva, Lars B. Larsson
Opening night at the Dom Kino in St. Petersburg; after that, during 3 years, the program was shown in over 40 cities in Russia and abroad.
DVD, catalog

Valery Cherkassov Trailblazer.  In Memoriam of Valery Cherkassov.

Exhibition of unique archival materials about the undeservedly neglected genius of the St. Petersburg underground of 60-80s – conceptual artist, musician, poet.

DVD and brochure.
Curators:  Andrey Khlobystin, Marina Koldobskaya
Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


Beavis & Butthead Are Here Now

Exhibition – video installation if the program of Russian video art of 90es.

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Curators:  Dmitry Vilensky, Olga Egorova, Marina Koldobskaya

Discussion 2001

Art Media Forum

Major Festival dedicated to the relationship between Russian contemporary art and mass-media and their and mutual influence.
Art-Center Pushkinskaya 10, Museum of History of St. Petersburg (Peter and Paul Fortress).

Actions in the urban milieu.
11 special projects; over 100 participants.
Curators:  Marat Guelman, Marina Koldobskaya.


Oleg Khvostov,
10000 self-portraits

New Expressionism of St. Petersburg.

Show is dedicated to the new wave of Expressionism – one of the most important movements of the non-official art of St. Petersburg.

Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St. Petersburg




At the photo: Alla Mitrofanova, Olesya Turkina, Ekaterina Andreeva Woman Face of St. Petersburg Art

Research project dedicated to society’s perception of the women’s art in historical, psychological, social and others aspects.

Museum of Non-conformist Art. St. Petersurg
Book including articles by 12 critics.

Alexander Florensky
Easter Procession,

In Search of Lost Icon

Exhibition of St. Petersburg and Moscow artists posed a question about possibility or impossibility of contemporary Orthodox art.

Museum of Non-conformist Art. St. Petersurg



Money group, New Russian Rouble,
I Love Money

Exhibition, organized in the wake of the financial crisis of1998, was focused on a specific national attitude towards money in Russia.
Museum of Non-conformist Art. St. Petersurg

ceremony of rewarding
Bitch of the Century

Parody competition, articulating the women’s qualities that are frowned upon by the ideology of political correctness.

Museum of Non-conformist Art. St. Petersburg
Curators:  Inna Rassokhina, Ivan Boykov, Marina Koldobskaya

Igor Mezheritsky
Gaz Station

Timely Art

One of the first in Post-Soviet time Petersburg projects dedicated to the political and social art.

Museum of Political History of Russia,
Curators:  Larissa Skobkina, Marina Koldobskaya