Performance Private Talk, 30.06.2018, duration 30 min

Performance Private Talk, 30.06.2018, duration 30 min
Navicula Artis gallery, Art-center Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg
Curator Gleb Ershov
video: Dmitry Frolov
montage video : Philipp Avetisov

Marina Koldobskaya in his work is fearlessly open to tearing each other passions of the world. She speaks the language of color and form, purified to the initial state of the primary elements, proto-language. Red-hot iron, coal and bellows of an ancient forge define the passions of her painting.

Two heads, red and black, two profile-silhouette (the one of red-figure, the other of black-figure archaic vase paintings) appear under the artist’s hands on the wall of the gallery as if an ancient curse is given life by the magic colors. These are primitive (or street) graffiti depicting two debaters, two opposing, archetypal beginnings of human nature. In them you can read different meanings – about politics, about Eros, about gender and racial conflicts and even, if you like – about football fans! The meanings multiply as we turn on the dual opposition mechanism, and the two clearly defined profiles become the pretext for telling about human strife. The painting is located on the wall with a door leading to the interior of the gallery. The collision of fierce heads falls exactly on the door, which serves as a sign of a break, or the transition to another state. Like an ancient magician and a shaman, Marina with her performative painting conducts a ritual that re-sanctifies the walls of the gallery, full of the passions of art and people, and both in war and love, hungry for respite.

Gleb Ershov, art historian